For years the debate has raged on – can synthwave as a genre survive long-term using only the same 80’s tropes over and over again? Or, will the music start to feel stale and played out? Fortunately, it’s 2018 and the debate can finally be laid to rest. Synthwave is as strong as ever, but ONLY thanks to the many producers who, in recent years, have pushed the envelope and explored new musical territory that somehow still falls under the synthwave umbrella, despite sounding nothing like your grandma’s synthwave of 2012. But while you spent 2012 listening to the 2012 version of synthwave, Girlfriend Records founder and pioneering synthwave artist Sferro was busy spending that same year making music more in line with the 2018 definition of the genre.

In other words, Sferro was then, and still is, way ahead of his time. With 2 full-length albums and numerous EPs already under his belt, Sferro has been a consistently unique voice in the scene, with each new release feeling like a trip 5-6 years into the future of the genre. Blending a variety of influences – from funk, disco, and house to shoegaze, vaporwave, and hip-hop – Sferro continues to forge his own path, creating his own personal brand of synthwave and inspiring others to do the same.