Sellorekt/LA Dreams

Kevin Montgomery has been making music as Sellorekt/LA Dreams since 2012. Like, a LOT of music. Known as one of the most prolific artists in the synthwave scene, Montgomery has put out exactly 50 releases through Bandcamp to date and is showing no signs of slowing down. As a youth in the 80’s, Montgomery spent time in both Miami and LA, actually living and breathing the romanticized version of the decade so often portrayed in the synthwave genre. So, it’s no surprise that this artist has such an extensive catalog, given that he is able to draw on those real-life experiences as part of his creative process. And speaking of his creative process, Montgomery will be the first to tell you how influential actual 80’s music has been to his own musical journey, citing acts such as Jan Hammer, Genesis, Howard Jones, Art of Noise, The Cure, Koto, Sheena Easton, and Simple Minds (among so many others) as crucial to the development of his own sound.

Already one of the most well-known producers in the scene, Sellorekt/LA Dreams’ popularity continues to grow as he gains increased exposure through the placement of his music in such popular TV shows as Amazon’s original series Red Oaks and HBO’s original series Vice Principals. As for physical releases (both vinyl and cassette), be on the lookout for much more from this legendary producer thanks to Lipstick Crush Records, the exclusive home of Sellorekt/LA Dreams.