Betamaxx is Pittsburgh-based Nick Morey. A true legend in the synthwave scene, this producer has been crafting his own brand of 80’s-inspired synth since early 2012. Morey originally started as a drummer in punk and indie rock bands, but went on to develop a passion for electronic music as well, collecting analog and digital synthesizers and using them to create Betamaxx’s signature sound. Drawing on elements from various genres such as nudisco, new wave, synthpop, dreamwave, chillwave, outrun and film score, Betamaxx covers a lot of nostalgic ground with each release as he pays homage to his favorite 80’s film scores and 80’s legend such as John Carpenter, Harold Faltermeyer, and Tangerine Dream.

His career highlights include being featured alongside such synthwave talents as Mitch Murder, Lost Years, and Highway Superstar on the soundtrack to the massively popular film Kung Fury, in addition to seeing his music used in the Amazon original series Red Oaks. Most recently, Morey has taken Betamaxx on the road, performing live at the Human Music Festival and synthwave hotspot the DNA Lounge, among other venues.

Keep an eye out for more live performances in the future and catch a show to experience the legend for yourself. And speaking of experiences, there’s nothing quite like Betamaxx on vinyl. Be sure to check out Betamaxx’s first ever vinyl release, Lost Formats, and keep a lookout for future vinyl releases from this talented producer, brought to you by Lipstick Crush Records.